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We are providing slimming and healthcare services at Block 89 ,Marine Parade Central, Singapore. With the team of medical professors, Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners, clinical experts and a well trained team of highly professional experience healthcare consultants and service staff, we delicate to develop thru innovation; it has to change for the better. This is the same belief that we hold while providing our services to our customers. Most importantly, we seek to give our customers the best gift of all, to increase their self-value and self-confidence in life while at the same time, enjoying the benefits of being healthy.


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Nobel Wellness Sanctuary is a place where you can find health and beauty! Our aspiration is to improve our customer quality of life. We are able to cater to your individualized needs and excel in bringing our level of services and products to your greatest satisfaction. Our main aim is to enhance your health conditions and improve your overall value and quality of life. In doing so, we allow you to scale to greater heights for the best standard of living.Find out more about us at