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Visit us at 259 Joo Chiat Road!
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Phyto Detox with new look!

Our best selling product, Phyto Detox has came with a new look! It helps thousands individual with their weight loss and maintain a healthy look.

Phyto Detox  is made up of natural herbal ingredients for the detoxification, neutralization and nourishment of the body.Therefore it excretes toxins from our bodies in a gentle manner, clears the path for the removal of toxins in the  lymphatic vessels, the meridian and vital organs via the major channels such as the digestive and urinary systems.It also adjusts the metabolism of the body by the application of its unique formulation, balancing the vital systems of the body to maintain a balance in the circulation of blood and oxygen, as well as the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ state of health.

Take 2-4 Capsules each time with warm water, twice a day.

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