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Phyto Nourrissant

Phyto Nourrissant

An  Effective way to nourish your body and skin!

Do you always have reddish complexion or flushed cheeks? Are you having insomnia or poor quality of sleep? Do you feel less tolerance to hot weather and will prefer cold drink or food? Do you have feverish sensation in palm or soles? If you have any of the symptoms of the above question, your body type belongs to the Yin deficiency body constitution of TCM..

Phyto Nourrissant contains  American Ginseng and Scrophularia root which helps in the reducing inflammatory and thirst-relieving. Together with Rehmannia root, Ligustrum seed and Eclipta combat hot flushes and insomnia, improve immunity and reduce osteoporosis.

Suitable for women who have menopause symptoms,or people who stay late in the night and feel hot easily, or people with insomnia.  


Dosage: Take 2-4 capsules each time with warm water, twice a day.

Caution: Keep out of reach from children. Do not take the product when you have cold or gastric discomfort. Take with caution if you have poor digestive problem.

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