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Vitalessense 精气神胶丸

calm mental chest tension herbal relaxation TCM traditional chinese medicine

 A TCM herbal product that contain four herbs that benefit people who are having stressful state of mind , feeling restless for no reason, or experience chest tightness or neck and shoulder aches easily.

Main ingredient is Bai Ji Li白蒺藜 is also known as Fructus Tribuli, the bitter, acrid and neutral herb has been used in TCM for Male health problem such as erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, Liver and Kidney protection, Anti hypertensive and vasodilator effects which will cause muscle relaxation, improves vision, by promoting the function of Liver meridian , etc.

Next , we have Xiang Fu香附 is also known as Rhizoma Cyperi. The acrid, sweet, slightly bitter and neutral herb has been used in TCM as antibiotic, anti-inflammation and to lower blood pressure, inhibit the contraction of uterus, regulates menses, treat ulcers by enhancing the functions of Liver. It regulates overall Qi in the body, help with all symptoms associated with Liver Qi Stagnation including pain in the gastric region, and abdomen along with fullness. Also used for emotional disturbance, poor appetite, chest congestion and frequent sighing.

In this formula, we have Dang Gui当归, known as Radix Angelica Sinensis which is an essential herb to tonify blood and indicated for all kinds of blood deficiency syndromes, especially for blood deficiency with blood stasis due to its capability in tonify blood and improve blood circulation. It is also indicated for all kinds of pain syndromes caused by blood deficiency, blood stasis and congealing Cold with blood stasis. It is a useful herb in gynecology and indicated for irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. Also helps constipation that is due to blood deficiency with intestinal dryness, as it can boost blood flow and moisturizes dryness, nourish intestines to smooth stool.

Lastly we have Mei Gui Hua玫瑰花, known as Flos Rosae Rugosae which is used popularly to improve Qi flow and  relieves  constraint, help to treat stifling sensation in chest, belching, poor appetite and pain and distension in the flanks and epigastrium. Also, harmonizes Blood and Disperses Stagnation, help to treats irregular menses, menstrual pain due to blood stasis, and premenstrual breast tenderness.

Overall the formula aims to improve Qi and Blood flow of individual body, relieve chest tension and calm the mental state of mind to achieve a better quality of life.

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