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Cupping to combat stress related symptons

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Cupping to combat stress related symptoms:

People who are psychologically under long periods of stress or tension, depression, increased workload, lack of sleep and tension in competitive sports, etc , may result in 3 types of fatigue conditions:

  1. Fatigue of the nervous system;
  2. Fatigue in the cardiovascular system;
  3. Fatigue in the muscular system.

Main symptoms usually include extreme fatigue signs such as constant headaches, tight, sore shoulders, insomnia, gastrointestinal function disorders, a drop in physical strength, low concentration, not able to focus well and mental depression, etc.

Treatment methods

Therapy cupping is mainly used in the specific area of pain, lower back or hip areas, etc. Occasionally, specific acupoints are also used for treatment.

Cupping is done along the spine (Both side 1.5inch next to the spine, TCM BLADDER MERIDIAN), and placed for 15 minutes before removal. This method can be done once every 3 days.


Medical oil is first applied on the cupping area,  following which the cups are immediately placed onto the area after it is being inserted with a lighted cotton ball. Cups are left on for 15 minutes before removal. The cup size is chosen according to the area for treatment, and pressure within the cups are adjusted in moderation.

Specific points are targeted for treatment base on certain pains and aches.

How Cupping Works

Cupping involves the use of wooden/glass cups applied to a patient’s back in a series of positions in order to produce a suction effect. The vacuum effect targets areas of skin and deep tissues, which is beneficial for dulling pain, breaking up deep scar tissue and relaxing tender muscles or connective tissue. In this way, cupping is almost like the opposite of getting a massage as instead of applying pressure to swollen areas, it draws pressure out instead. For this reason, cupping is often used for patients who experiences chronic lower back pain, muscle knots, tightness due to anxiety, swelling or stiffness.

Cupping treatment involves a trained practitioner first placing cups on the patients back and then carefully heating the cups with the use of fire. Sometimes a special cupping “torch” is used to light the cups on fire safely, or in other cases the cups are heated in hot water or oil. The hot cups are sealed off and held in place for five to 15 minutes on the patient’s back, which produces a vacuum effect to create pressure.

The cups contract  and cools while on the patient’s skin, which causes suctioning. While the cups contract, the skin is then pulled into the cup, stretching out skin tissues and improving blood flow which facilitates healing. To light the cups on fire, a cotton ball is soaked in rubbing alcohol and then lit, quickly placed into the cup and then removed. The cups are then placed down on the patient’s skin, and as oxygen is removed via this method, suctioning naturally occurs.


Cupping is a great form of TCM treatment to relief stress on specific muscle aches, joints and sores. It provides an alternative form of massage and stress relief therapy for aches, pain and fatigue symptoms. From a view of preventive healthcare, aches, pains and fatigue symptoms are a signal that the body needs to rest. Apart from regular cupping treatments, one can practice outdoor activities such as walking for half an hour, tai chi, Qigong and health massages as well.


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