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Visit us at 259 Joo Chiat Road!
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Appreciation on the Overwhelming Responses on our Online Shop

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Since the launch of our online shop in August last year, we were so thankful for the overwhelming response showed by our clients.  One important feature that most clients have shared is that they find it so useful to have taken our exclusive survey before we pair them with our products.  The results was near perfection, unlike the supplements that they had bought over the shelves in pharmacies or supermarkets, it addresses their problems impeccably. 
We have humbly taken in their sharings and in showing our heartfelt appreciation, we are now opening up our exclusive survey to the public. Anyone and everyone can take the survey, send it back to us and that entitles you to a non-obligatory assessment by our well-qualified team of physicians. 
Get a feel of unlimited energy and well-being that so many have experienced. Act Now!
Yours sincerely
Ong Eng Soon
Managing director 
Nobel Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd



最值得一提的是,大部份的顾客特地与我们分享了一个重要事项 :他们都认为做了我们的独家问卷后,再由我们专
有机会了解自己的体质和健康状态。 您只需要用几分钟的时间,完成问卷上的问题,我们的医疗团队就会为您做一



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