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Sleep Apnoea Syndrome(SAS)

Snoring(due to airway obstruction), restless sleep and sleepiness are the most common symptoms shown in Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (SAS).During a seven hour sleep, if breathing is stopped more than 30 times and each time is above 10 seconds this is a clear sign of Sleep Apnoea Syndrome. During sleep apnoea, a person will experience an increase in Carbon Dioxide(CO2) in the body. Chemoreceptors are receptors which respond to any changes in CO2 or Oxygen(O2). There are two main types of chemoreceptors, central and peripheral and both responds to an increase in Carbon Dioxide. As a result, this causes the person to wake up to resume eupnoea (normal respiration) and allows the person to fall asleep.
Diagnosis of sleep apnoea includes waking up during sleep, thirst, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, learning/memory difficulties and sexual dysfunction.
Dyssomonia which refers to sleep disordered breathing leads to an increase risk in cardiovascular disorder, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and etc.
Obesity has a TREMENDOUS link with SAS. Poor sleep causes people to eat more, which in turn cause obesity. There is a relation between sleep deprivation and hunger and satiety hormones (from the ventromedial nucleus of hypothalamus), eg. Leptin and Ghrelin. Individuals with sleep aponea often have hypertension, high fasting glucose (sugar), and high cholesterol, all of which can be made worse with sleep deprivation. This leads to a vicious cycle. Therefore, an effective and long term measure to prevent SAS is to prevent obesity (BMI>30).

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Written by Eng Soon Ong — July 02, 2014


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