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Weight loss is NOT for people with low self esteem. Some might want to lose weight purely for looks and some for their health, whatever the reason it is definitely better than people not doing anything at all. 

Erika Nicole Kendall stated in her article that: "Every time someone brings up this “weight loss is for people who think something’s wrong with them” thing, I am reminded of my own question of why it’s about weight loss at all… why isn’t it about health? If you’re dealing with type 2 diabetes, and saying you don’t neeeeeeeeeed to lose weight because that’s for people who think something’s wrong with them.. you’re doing life wrong." Whatever your reason is for weight loss, let us help you NOW.
"I didn't want to lose weight, I don't neeeeed to lose weight. People who want to lose weight have low self-esteem. Why can't they just stay the way they are?"

Written by Eng Soon Ong — July 25, 2014


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