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Fitrim Meal Replacement

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The  product which is included in the Wellness Management Program is Fitrim meal replacement. This product is a suitable meal replacement and supplement for busy individuals as it provides all the daily nutrition we need without having to take any additional synthetic vitamin pills. It is also the perfect solution for those who lead a hectic lifestyle but yet wish to take good care of his or her health in a fast and convenient way. This advanced phytonutrient rich super food contains 90 uniquely combined nutraceutical ingredients. It is a 100%  super food which does not contain any dairy, wheat, corn, artificial colouring and flavours, synthetic chemicals, preservatives, MSG, lactose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, egg, cholesterol, yeast, or added salt.

The reason for the potency of Fitrim meal replacement lies in the ingredients that includes powerful antioxidants, digestive enzymes, plant fibers, prohiotics, essential amino acids, standardized herbal extracts, plant sterols, nucleic acids, nutrient co-factors, cell pigments, essential fatty acids , naturally occurring whole food source vitamins and macro-trace minerals. These ingredients are derived from enzymatically active and alive foods and they work in synergy to provide you with an optimally balanced nutritional support so you don't have to rely on synthetic vitamin pills.

Fitrim meal replacement provides powerful bioactive phytonutrients ,such as those who are looking for a complete nutritional supplement that promotes health, energizes vitality, cleanses the body system, enhances immunity and promotes alkalinity.

        Fitrim meal replacement together with the other products in the Wellness Management Program, you will realize that none of the products are targeted specifically at weight loss. Instead, all these products are there to help individuals tune their normal body function and at the same time strengthen the body. Therefore, with the Wellness Management Program, one can slim down and achieve weight loss in the most natural way without having to alter their lifestyle! In fact, many of our customers managed to achieve significant results without having the need to exercise. There are just three simple steps to remember when you are going through our program. Firstly, be disciplined to follow our diet plan. Secondly, have eight hours of quality sleep every night. Thirdly, drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

With the Wellness Management Program, we aim to help our customers understand their own bodies and problems. We also empower our customers with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions pertaining to lifestyle and diet. For those who have medical conditions, we hope to improve their health conditions and minimize their reliance on medication consumption.

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