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Auriculotherapy H&B™ for health and beauty

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Auriculotherapy (“auricle” means external ear) is a form of natural therapy involving the reflex points on the ear. Its theory is mainly based on the nerve relexology. In auriculotherapy, the external ear is a microsystem that represents the whole body. Every part of our body, such as head, eyes, nose, spinal column and internal organs corresponds to, and is associated with a specific point on our ear. When these points are treated, the function of our body can be improved. The most popular stimulating approaches are non-invasive ones such as ear seeds, laser or micro current. All of these treatments are painless and safe for consumers. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced in 1990 that auriculotherapy is “probably the most developed and best documented, scientifically, of all the micro-systems of acupuncture”. It recognizes auriculotherapy as a treatment option for over 150 conditions.



In Nobel Wellness Sanctuary, we have created a series of wellness protocols called Auriculotherapy H&B™ (Auriculotherapy H&B™ for Health and Beauty). The emphasis is enhanced from a medical standpoint to a body-wellness model. We integrate auriculotherapy with TCM acupunture or cupping to help our customers improve their overall body and health well-being to allow them to feel their best. We also educate our customers to maintain their well-being through the use of diet, exercise and stress management.

Apart from Weight loss and Smoking Cessation, Auriculotherapy H&B™ can also be used successfully in the following areas:
Alcohol Addiction, Eating Disorders, Stress, Sleeping Disorder, Headache/Migraine, Dizziness, General Fatigue, Body Aches and Pains, Constipation, Bloating, Stomach Discomfort, Menstrual Problems, Men’s Problems, Acne, Age spots (liver spots), Resisting Wrinkles, Regulating Body Constitutions, Weight Gain, Allergies and many more.

At Nobel, we look at a human body as a whole and assist you in many aspects to allow you to not only look better from the outside but to glow from the inside as well. Take the first step in starting a newer better you, contact us @ 6345 5331today!

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