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The word 'detox' in a holistic healthcare is to cleanse your body for a better health. Our bodies are detoxifying every minutes of the day to clear the unwanted substances from our body. The effectiveness of eliminate all these substance from our body is important for a vibrant health. 

The modernization of the world have lead to thousand of chemical being used in food. Your body will need support to get rid  all this contaminants and that is why a large variety of supplements exist. Following strictly only on a certain juice detox may not provide sufficient nutrients and potentially harmful to your body. Nevertheless, with a proper program on detox can help individual to improve health condition, like lowering the cholesterol and blood sugar level, increase mental clarity, more efficient digestion and weight loss.

Detoxification is an important part of health and healing. In Nobel Wellness Sanctuary, we have our Phyto Detox which are made from natural plant formula in capsules form to help individuals to cleanse their body from unwanted substance. Designed by our physicians, proudly manufactured in Singapore. 

This program will take 1-3 months depending on individual. To find out more, contact us at 63455331 Nobel Wellness Sanctuary. 


Written by Eng Soon Ong — August 12, 2015


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