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There are no two identical leaves in the world. Similarly, there is no two person with same health conditions. Knowing your body constitution give you an advantage to have better preventive measures against illnesses. 

The Characteristics of Constitution  

The formation of constitution is  the result of both prenatal heredity  and postnatal acquisition. The former is a decisive factor, which makes the  constitution possessing relative stability and predictability. eg, gene from your parent determine your health condition.  The latter means  that constitution can be altered by other factors, which makes the constitution  possessing alter-ability and adjust-ability eg. environment factors and food that you eat affects your heath.

              For example, with regard to the  alter-ability and adjust-ability of constitution, Prof.  Wang Qi and other experts  of Beijing University of TCM have found that Chinese medicine Hua Tan Qu Shi Formula can effectively  regulate the lipid metabolism of obese people with Phlegm-Dampness  Constitution, and Chinese medicine Guo  Min Kang Capsule can reduce the level of specific antigen IgE, restrain masts  cell from releasing histamine, which in turn improve the Allergy Constitution.

The Clinical Significance of Constitution

 The constitutional factor plays  an important role in transformation from health to sub-health, disease.  Various  deviated constitutions are the intrinsic bases of occurrence, development and transfer  of diseases. In clinical practice, we can predict the occurrence and development  of disease by analyzing constitution. Therefore, we can detect it in earliest  time, deal with it timely and reverse its development.    

           For example, the person whose  constitution is Phlegm-Dampness Type has a higher incidence of diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, hyperglycemia and gout than other constitutional  types. We can adjust his/her Phlegm-Dampness Constitution by eliminating phlegm and  removing dampness so as to prevent these diseases from occurring.

The good news now is that beside looking for a Chinese physician to find out your body constitution, you can now simply answer a survey to know it.

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Written by Eng Soon Ong — September 05, 2013


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