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What is Sub-Health and its classification?

sub health

The Concept of Sub-health

Sub-health is the healthy state of low quality and experience between health and disease. This means that there are a lot of uncomfortable feeling and symptoms in body and mind, decreased vitality, decreased reactions and adaptability, while no disease can be diagnosed definitely. 

Someone sums up sub-health as "one increase and three decreases", which means increased fatigue and decreased vitality, reaction, adaptability. 

In the mid-1980s, Berkman , the scholar of former Soviet Union discovered and proposed the concept of "the third state" for the first time. Subsequently, many scholars from different countries have been proposed some similar names, such as sub-health, intermediate state, grey state, sub-clinical state, a general malaise and so on. The name of sub-health was proposed by Chinese scholars. 

2.2 The Epidemiology of Sub-health
According to dozens of studies, only 5%~15% people can attain the health standards, 15% people have been diagnosed with some diseases definitely, 60%~70% people are on the sub-healthy state between health and disease that is neither diseased nor healthy. 

2.3 The Classification of Sub-health

2.3.1 The Classification of Sub-health by Components of Health

(1)Sub-health in Body
Main Manifestation: fatigue for which no recognizable cause can be found or any disease can be excluded, languidness, weakness, easily catching a cold, general physical malaise, dizziness, heaviness in the head, headache, spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath, palpitation, fullness in the chest, an irregular heartbeat, loss of appetite, clear and abundant urine, lassitude in loin and legs, cold or numb limbs, aching all over the body, insomnia, dreaminess, somnolence, decreased sexual ability, disordered menstrual cycle and so on. 

(2)Sub-health in Mentality
Main Manifestation: mental fatigue for which no recognizable cause can be found, blunted in responsiveness, decline in memory, scatterbrain, disturbance of emotion, disordered thinking, panic, anxiety, impatience, irritability, feeling himself/herself inferior, nervousness, indifference, solitude, recklessness, even having the suicidal attempt and so on. 

(3)Sub-health in Social Adaptability
Main Manifestation: having a poor adaptability to work and study, decreased frequency in social activity, incompatible with other people, inharmonious family relationship and so on. 

(4)Sub-health in Morality
Main Manifestation:having the obvious deviation which tend to injure others and ruin oneself in world outlook, views on life and values. 

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